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The best Wurst place ever!!!

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So we made it safely to Munich. We went on a night train that showed up an hour late. Which was ok with us cause we got to Munich an hour later as well, 7:30 instead of 6:30. lol. Please again forgive the z and y mix up. I am on a german keyboard and for some reason those two keys are always switched. Anyway, our first daz in Munich was GREAT!! We went on a free tour from the hostel and our guide was prettz good, he was funny and knew a lot of historical facts which we both love. Then we hung out with two Kiwis who I love! And we went souvenir shopping because everything is closed on Sundays as Munich is a VERY catholic city. Tomorrow is also a public holidaz so everzthing will be closed as well and we leave on Tuesdaz so we had to do everzthing zesterday. Anywaz, we met back up with our guide and three Aussies at a beer garden. Which Tia and I spilt a five sausage plate and The three of us girls each got one of the three "girl" beers. We tried all of them and then decided which ones we liked better and stuck with those. Two of the three had a lemon flavor added and the third had rasberry. I liked what thez call Radler. I dont like beer but it was ok. At least tollerable because when you are in Germanz and zou are not drinking people think zou are crazy!!! lol. Anzwaz we had a reallz good time just sitting and talking with everzone. Then this super drunk guz comes up and starts calling Ossie(our guide) Barak Obama because he is black. It was soooo funny and Ossie was a good sport and talked to him in German but the guy would not go away!!! He gave one of the Aussies a backrub and licked Ossie and tried to kiss the other two Aussies. He was soooo drunk. His name was Anaconda apparently. Anyway, it was so funny I guess you would have had to been there but it was seriously so funny. I almost peed my pants I was laughing sooo hard. Oh and he went around and shook all of our hands and when he got to Tia, he kissed her hand. That was not so funny cause up until that point he was only focused on the guys. Then we get outside and he is starting to unzip his pants towards another guy... note the guy was wearing a sheep costume with a sheep hat on due to his bachelors party so he tried to make the drunk guy stop and finally got him to zip up his pants!! Then the drunk guy grabbed the guy wearing the sheep costumes butt a few times. We were watching from afar grateful that he found someone else to bother but then he saw us and headed for us. He was coming straight for me but I walked behind one of the guys (who reminds me a lot of Kit, in looks) and he didnt bother me thank goodness! So we kept walking and went back to the hostel. Then when we got back Tia and I had to check in. We then met everyone else down at the bar in the hostel. We didnt want to get anything but we wanted to hang out so we let them all drink but while we were not paying attention Ossie bought us both drinks it was a cranberry something. It was ok but not spectacular. So we just ended up hanging out for the rest of the night and going to bed early. I was woken up at 7am when someone came in. It was the guy staying in our room and he seriously was just getting in that late! So we woke up and decided to go to Dachau which was the first concentration camp. I knew I was going to be emotional but nothing can prepare you for that. I would have cried so much more but we were on a tour and so I didnt really feel comfortable crying in front of a bunch of strangers even though I cried a little. It was the most horrible thing I have ever done. I felt so horrible inside when we walked through the gas chamber. I still sorta feel sick to my stomach right now. I got emotional at dinner when we were talking about it too. It is just one of those things that you have to experience. It was totally worth it and I am so glad that I did even though I had a really hard time. During the tour, we met a girl named Jen who has the same camera as Tia and let Tia charge her camera battery as Tia left her charger, extra battery, and plug converter in our hostel in Rome. So we ended up going to see the White Rose movement memorial this afternoon which is the whole reason I came to Munich. Unfortunately the school is closed on Sundays but I still got to see the outside memorial which was awesome. And it was really touching. Then we came back grabbed Jen and went for dinner and ended up hanging out in our room with a bunch of people forever and now I am finally getting online! lol. Tomorrow we are meetting Jen and going to Neuwanschtein castle which is the one that Walt Disney based Sleeping Beautys castle after. That should be good and then we are going to go to the famous Haughbrough house and Augastine Beer hall. We will probably do dinner at one and maybe a drink at another. We will see... And then on tuesday morning we fly home. We have a layover in Coppenhagen and then from there to Seattle and then another short lay over and then Seattle to Portland. We leave Coppenhagen and get to Seattle an hour later!! hahaha even though our flight is 10 hrs. Yikes! We are going to be sooo tired when we get back. I am going to try to sleep on the plane but I dont know how well that will work... lol.
Anyway, I am pretty sure this will be mz last entry unless I get on tomorrow cause something amazing happens. So just plan on talking to me when I get back!! I want to say thank you all for reading and keeping up. I seriously miss you all so much and cant wait to see you!!
All my love from overseas,
Miss Mary

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A little mixed up

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So we are here in Florence and yesterday we took a day trip to Montepulciano to try to catch a glimpse of the New Moon cast! Yes, we are that dedicated to our Twilight! We love the books and sorta think the movie is great too, some call us obsesed but we just love what we love. So anyway, we went and had a really good time. I swear nothing bonds you like a love for something. We met about half a dozen Italian girls on the bus there and thankfully one spoke English so she gladly translated. She had actually met a few people from the cast in her hotel the night before. So when we got there, we had pretty high hopes and of course we were excited!! We walked all around the area but they had it all blocked off. We got to see pretty much every single extra there was!! lol but no actual actors :( We saw two vans that had the cast in them and everyone went crazy but we didnt see them actually. So that totally sucked but we did meet these two Austrian girls and went to lunch with them. Which was a whole other experience! Our waiter was sooo weird. Anyway, we went back up and waited and waited. Then we met another girl while waiting and she told us that she took video of the day before of Ashley(Alice), Rob (Edward), and Kristen (Bella), and Dakota Fanning, getting into a car and a van. So we watched it and got super excited!! But we still didnt see anything. Then we were let out onto the piazza where they were filming. We got to see quite a bit actually. So we will see how everything turns out on the big screen! Then after a long day, we came back here to Florence to sleep. I actually feel asleep on the train back here while I was reading!!! I NEVER fall asleep reading. That was a first for sure. So today we woke up late and got ready and decided to go see the Duomo. We went up to the top of the bell tower which is 414 steps up and 414 steps down! So my legs kinda hate me right now... lol. But the view was great of the city even though I was freakin cause of the height. Its only 82M so about 246ft. Then we WERE going to go into the Medici chapel but it was way too expensive. We kept walking and ended up going to Ponte Vecchio. Which is a bridge that has shops all along it. Now, I have seen jewelry before but every single shop was a jewelry store and let me tell you, some were very very expensive! There were a few that seriously had nothing but ROCKS!!! OMG it was sooo crazy. Oh and I had the best popsicle of my life! It was kiwi and it litterally was like eating a frozen kiwi on a stick. It even had the seeds in it! So after walking over the bridge and back (Tia did very well, I was very proud of her), we went to the Academia Gallery where David is. We walked in and the first thing I saw was a musical instrument museum! Ah I was in heaven! Anyway, we walked around the gallery and I turned around and there behind us was David. He is 5m 17cm tall which is a little over 15ft tall. I swear his hand is the size of my head!!! And I think if I were to stand next to him, I would go up to just under his butt!! lol. We sat and stared at him for a long time contemplating who David was and how in the heck Michelangelo sculpted him!! I have never been so amazed in my life! There is nothing really that incredible about it just that it is all one piece of marble, he is litterally perfectly proportioned, he is 15ft tall, and it took 3 years to complete!!! I know right? Pretty darn impressive. Now we are just back at the hostel chillin and catching up on email and facebook. I think Tia is uploading pictures again tonight so be sure to check them out. I am not sure if I have put a link to her blog or not but here it is... www.myeuropetrip.tumblr.com
Less than a week untill I am home. I am excited but sad at the same time. There are several things that I miss about home but there are several things that I am going to miss about Europe too. Take Oasis for one. It is the BEST fruit drink ever. I have never been addicted to anything more in my life. Anyway, I should probably get going cause this is already getting too long and I am tired again tonight. lol Oh, tomorrow Tia and I signed up for a Tuscany day trip and it includes brunch at a country farm and wine tasting at a real vinyard. It should be a fun day. And then we come back to Florence with five hours to kill before our train leaves for Munich. It is a night train so we will get to sleep... yeah!!! But we get into Munich at 6am :( the good thing though is that our hostel is super close to the train station. That will be great!!! Anyway, I really am going to go now..
Love you all,

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More Volterra

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So there is a hotel really close to our hostel that allows us to use the internet here for free. It is a bit slow but we appreciate them letting us use it. Anyway, I am going to take the time and write a little. I am not sure how long it will be but for the sake of everyone, lets hope short! lol. Well yesterday was a pretty difficult day. We got into town and had to walk about 25 min back outside of town to find our hostel. When we finally got there we found out that check in was at 5pm so we had to leave our bags there and go touring. We were pretty starving considering we had had no breakfast that morning and it was approaching noon. So we walked back into town and found a cute little outside cafe to sit at and have some good pasta at. YUM YUM. Then we ventured down to the main piazza where the clock tower is. There is even a creepy little alley way close by that someone has decided is the offical tunnel. Everyone has written things on the walls like °we love Edward° and there is a sewer cover which has writing all over it too. Including °Volturi enter here° lol I thought that was funny. Well we didnt really know what else to do and we were sooo tired. So we decided to go up the very steep hill to the park and take a nap in the grass. Well we were laying there and my legs would not stop itching. So finally I sat up and looked at them... My left knee was totally red and most of my calf as well. I checked my other leg and it was slightly red on my calf as well. Then I examined closer and I had hives all over my knee and leg. I also had them on my other leg as well as both my forearms. So I kinda freaked out and I quickly went over to the drinking fountain and took my socks and shoes off and rinsed both my legs off. As well as my hands. Since it is sooo far away to the hostel, I was worried I wasnt going to get to my benadryl in time. So we walked down into town to one of the three farmacia (pharmacy)s. They were closed until four. We were both worried about my leg so we just sat down in the main piazza until 4 (about 45 min wait). It was so cute, this little old man came up and pointed at my knee and then blew on it!!! It was adorable. I think he thought I had a sun burn but in any case the gesture was so adorable. I thanked him in Italian cause I wasnt sure what language he spoke lol. There are actually a lot of tourists in Volterra. Anyway, my leg was looking pretty good so we walked to the pharmacy only to discover that it was closed (it was sunday). Well it did look a lot better and since it was close to check in time, we went and got some gelato and then walked back to the hostel. I took some benadryl when we got back but my leg was already pretty normal again. So I am pretty sure I am allergic to Italian grass. hahaha. I have had one other reaction to grass but it was when I was in grade school so I didnt really think I was allergic to anything special just one certain kind I guess. I have never been tested so maybe I should figure out what kind that was so I dont have to worry about that. Anyway, the benadryl made me sleppy and so we ate dinner got online and then went to bed. In the morning we woke up and had breakfast. We walked into town not really sure what we were going to do today cause we felt like we had seen most of the town when we saw a little sign for a train ride around all of Volterra. So we did it and it was kinda fun and it wasted about 30min or so. Then we went down to the clock tower so I could take pictures. I am using my memory cards in Tias other camera. Not nearly as good as my own but better than nothing. After awhile we walked over to the Duomo and sat there for a bit. We went and saw were the ruins of and ancient theatre are. That was pretty cool. Then we saw the Vitti Mansion which is supposedly where Edward and Bella escape the Volturi from. Which was pretty sweet cause the cellar part is all set up for it and they have a wall that everyone can write on. They even supply the pens!! We wrote on it and took pictures dont worry! Then we just kinda hung out in the piazza for awhile not really knowing what to do. Finally deciding to go look in a few shops here and there we walked in the direction of our hostel and stopped for gelato (Dont judge, if you were in Italy you would have gelato everyday too!!!). So we get back to our hostel and Tia falls asleep while I am reading. I swear sometimes we end up acting like an old married couple lol. Not really but you get what I mean. So we ate dinner and then came over here to use the internet and I have been reading while Tia did all her blogging and catching up and now it is my turn. YEAH! Anyway, that is all I have to say tonight.. oh I almost forgot. The boys... there were these four guys sitting in an outdoor cafe across from where we were sitting in the piazza. Well one of them kept looking at us and we werent really sure if he was looking at us or just in our direction to the clock tower or what so we just kinda dismissed it. Well we had to walk by them to go to the Information center to buy a map and when we did (I didnt see it cause I was on the other side) the guy who had been looking in our direction looked at Tia and gave her the nod!!! lol it was so funny cause she told me as we were walking away and I laughed and I think he might have heard but it was still funny. And then later, we saw these two guys who were both wearing cowboy boots and flipflops. The were pretty funny and they had their shirts off so it was kinda awkward but still funny to see cowboys wearing flipflops! lol people are people no matter where you are in the world.
Loves to all,

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Just a short one today

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Hey guys,
Just popping in really quick to say that our trip to Volterra (said with a very Italian accent) went pretty smoothly. We got here in town around 10am and then took about an hour or so to find the dumb hostel. It is so far away from town so that sucks but we love the town. The clock tower is EVERYTHING we imagined. Tia will post pictures asap but my camera is dead for now. I dropped it in the sand when we went to the beach so the lens doesnt work. But I am hoping that when I get home a quick cleaning will fix that. Anyway, we realize now that we could have done Volterra in a day so we are pretty much just going to be relaxing tomorrow and not really doing much just seeing the sights I guess. We are up on a hill and the view is amazing. We are in Tuscany so everything is vinyards and gorgeous. UGH absolutely wonderful. We can wait till we get to go to Montepulciano on Wednesday for the actual set of the movie! They should be shooting that day so hopefully we will get to see some famous peeps *crosses fingers*.
Anyway, like I said really short today but hopefully longer when we get back into Florence. So dont worry everyone, we made it to the country and we love it. It reminds us a lot of home so it is all good.

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Another travel day= disaster avoided

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Well we had a great time in Rome. It only felt like we were there for about a day but it was 6. We went on two amazing tours with this guy named Jason. He is incredible. We found out on the second tour that he actually has an art history degree from yale!! Craziness. But anyway, we toured the vatican with him and learned some amazing things and then the second tour was an evening one of the trevi fountain, the pantheon, and the french steps, yes I said french steps. You can get the full story when I get back. Anyway, through him we found out about this great little restaurant and ate there one night. We had potatoe and rosemary pizza with a pear dessert. SOOOO GOOOD. We took a day trip down to Pompeii which was sooo worth it. We had planned on going to the beach that day anyway cause we heard it was suppose to be hot hot hot. Well that night we were hanging around the hostel and met two girls from Minnesota. Mia and Ashley. They told us they were going to Pompeii and then to the beach. We asked if we could join and woke up at 5am the next morning to catch an early train. We went for 20 hours straight. It was crazy. I was so tired by time we got back. So I got to swim in the Mediterranean sea!!!!! AWESOME besides being extremely salty. My shoulders got a little sun burn and the back of my neck is the color of a lobster but it was way worth it. So you can imagine carrying my big bag today on that sunburn was fun... NOT! lol. Well yesterday we just kinda hung around and we ended up going to see Angels and Demons in Rome. Which was totally trippy cause we had been to Vatican city and the Colosseum and to all the piazza that they talk about and visit in the movie. In fact, I stood in the exact same spot as Tom Hanks does in the movie shortly after we went and saw it. Well we left the movie and went to this AMAZING restaurant which our tour guide recommended. Because the owner remembered us from the tour, we got a glass of house wine and he made us the best pasta I have ever had. Oh it was incredible. Plus an appetizer that was to die for. I even got Tia to eat a tomato for it. It was buffalo mozzarella with pesto and tomato yum yum. I seriously do not think I will ever be able to eat regular mozzarella ever again. I am in love with buffalo so much. You must all try it. So then after the meal, we got a complimentary lemoncello "shot". We wanted to try it cause someone in Switzerland told us we had to so we were kinda glad it was on the house so we could try it and be ok if we didn't like it. Well we tried it and that stuff is STRONG. I am glad that we only had a tiny bit cause I would have been drunk off any more... lol jk but seriously that stuff is strong. It tasted like a lemon head but worse...lol.
So we left the restaurant and went to go use a phone at an internet cafe. I went in first and when I came back outside Tia was talking to this random guy. After a little while I learn that he is from Redmond Oregon so yeah!!! He hadnt really gotten to see much of the city so we took him to the best gellato place in town and showed him the trevi fountain and the pantheon which are both great to see at night. It was fun. He was a talker and he reminded us soooooo much of our friend Kevin. It was great. So what turned into a relaxing day ended up being a long night. We got back to the hostel and waited for the internet where I found out some bad news which made me want to come home but I obviously cant until June 2nd. After getting to bed, we woke up and headed for Volterra. We had to get on a train to Florence then switch to a bus and go to Volterra. Well we thought it was going to take a maximum of 2 1/2 hours to get to Florence. Well I guess we got on the slow train and not the express one we thought we were taking and it took 4 hours. So by the time we got to the bus station, the last bus to Volterra left exactly 10 min before. We were really bummed and I was freaking out cause I was/am super tired and just wanted food and a nice place to lay my head. So we called the hostel in Volterra and they let us just switch around the days and we called here in Florence to the one we were going to be staying at in a couple days. They told us there was an opening for tonight so we came over and cancelled our last day so now we have it all figured out without having to pay any extra which is super great. And we will be on our way to Volterra in the morning. The bus leaves at 7:10 so that sucks but that means we have the whole day tomorrow and Monday to spend in Volterra before coming back here to Florence. So yeah we have had a busy day. Oh I forgot, we didn't leave Rome until almost one so we didnt get here till late and now we are just kinda hanging out doing nothing cause we are exhausted from travelling today. The train ride was extremely hot. But we met this great woman from Nevada who is super active and she is a grandmother and I totally want to be her when I get older. She is so involved. Like she volunteers at a school and she is involved with helping making her town more green. Plus she got to shake Obama's hand!! So I was a bit jealous of that. But she is touring Europe by herself for 2 1/2 weeks. She says she takes a big trip every year.
Anyway, this is a bit long but I am sorry for not blogging sooner. Things get in the way and it is hard to get internet access sometimes. Hope everyone is doing well. We are both doing good besides a few set backs... lol like always. I think we have just learned to go with the flow pretty much. Cause we never know what is going to happen.
Loves to all

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