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Ok before I get to the sad news, I will tell you about our day yesterday. We woke up and made our way over to St. Paul's Cathedral. It was incredible. We decided to go up to the top (a very scary thought for me). In total it was 371 steps up, and then 371 down!!! What happens is you go up 259 stairs to the upper level of the dome. It is beautiful and they wouldn't allow pictures so we have none of the inside but a ton of the outside hahaha. Anyway there is a bench around the whole dome so when we got up there I sat down cause I was freakin out due to the height of it. Not sure how high but the checkered flooring below is down right dizzying!! Ugh! So then we couldn't find the way down so we went through the door that everyone else was. Little did we know that it took us up even higher!!! We ended up being outside of the dome!!!! The view was incredible but completly terrifying! AHHHH. lol After we got down from there, we had planned to go see the changing of the guard. So we headed that way. When we got there we thought that there must be something more going on, there was at least 1,000 people there. We asked and I guess there is about that many people everyday to watch it. So we asked a police officer where the best spot was and what time we should get there for today (sunday). He told us to be there about an hour early cause Sunday's are the busiest.
From there, we were off towards the Tower of London. So we picked a wonderful weekend to be here in London, they are doing a TON of construction on the underground so all but like two lines are closed. Every single line going to Tower Hill (the stop for Tower of London) was not running! So feeling brave, we decided to walk it (it couldn't be that far right?). In all, it was about an hour and 45 min walk. YIKES!!! On top of all those stairs we did earlier!! We were to say the least sore! When we finally got to the tower, we went on a guided tour which was pretty interesting but really time consuming as we had other plans. So we quickly went to see the crown jewels and the torture devices and then were on our way for afternoon tea. Unfortunately we didn't make it to tea on time (sorry Grammy I tried). Afterwords, we were hungry, tired, and sore. We walked around for a bit and then headed back towards our hostel. We wanted to go to a pub for dinner cause Tia wanted fish and chips (usually only found in pubs). But we got back to the room and just kinda sat there... lol. After a few minutes or so two new "roommates" came in. They are from Canada, Rob and Mary (hehehe). They wanted to go to a pub so we were going to head out when the other two new "roommates" came in. Byron and Henry. Byron is from Toronto same as the other two and Henry is from Argentina. They met at school in France and are traveling together all around. Rob and Mary are traveling in kinda a reverse circle of ours. But we will be in Rome the same days as them so that is kinda exciting we may see them again :) so we asked the other two guys if they wanted to go and we headed out. We seriously couldn't find any pubs for the longest time. And when we did find one, it didn't serve food passed 3pm. So Byron and Henry went to this asian buffet thing with plans to meet back at the first pub. So we continued on and found a pretty cute little place and they all got their fish and chips while I got a chicken fillet burger (which I wasn't sure whether to use my fork and knife to cut up or eat with my hands, I chose hands lol). We ended up meeting the guys back at the hostel. I did a little laundry and then passed out. I was soooooo tired!!!! Tia said I must have been out cause I was snoring :(
Anyway, this morning we figured it was probably a good idea to go get our tickets for the train over to Paris. We went and the guy told us we had to pay £178 which is extremly high but he said the train on Tuesday is £58. Sooo, we had to make a decision and we decided on the Tuesday one. So we had to go back to the hostel and get another night there plus call the Paris hostel and cancel for tonight. We were pretty sure their policy was 24hr cancelation so we thought we were all good but when Tia called they said 48 so we had to pay for the night we are missing but still, even with the extra night in London and that night in Paris, we are saving more than taking the £178 train. The only bad thing is that our train leaves at 5:25am so we have to be at the station at 5:00am :(
UGH! I hope this wont happen again. And I am really bummed cause I wanted to go to Paris more than any other and we are only staying 3 days as is and the Louvre pretty much takes up a day. So that means we have to do everything else in a day. And I am not happy about that. I am actually super sad. But Tia doesn't really mind cause Paris is her least favorite stop. So I am trying not to be too depressed about it. Anyway, I only have ten min left on the timmer so I am going to try to put a few pics up. Check em out!
Love to all,
Miss mary

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