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First off, sorry for not writing sooner. The internet in Paris was free but not that great and we didn't have time to find a cheap cafe. We made it to Paris easy enough. I feel asleep on the chunnel and woke up in France which was pretty cool. Oh just a heads up, the z and y buttons are switched on this keyboard so bear with me ok? thanks!
Anywaz, we got to Paris and spent the day walking around and just checking the citz out. We managed to climb another staircase this time 800 or so total up to Notre Dome and back down. It was worth it. The whole time I felt like Quasimodo(spelling?). Anzwaz that was great and then we went on a boat tour that came with our Paris pass. So the day passed super fast. Then we went out to a creperie and met a girl, Julia, that was staying at the same hostel as us. She is from Germany and super cool. We played cards and then headed to bed. That night we both slept like rocks!! Our Aussie friends kept us up the night before although it was a good thing, it wore us out. The next morning I woke up really not feeling well and we had planned to go to Versaille with Julia. Well I didnt get anybetter over the course of and hour or so and I let Julia take my pass for the train and let them go while I slept it off. When I woke up, I felt much better and was ready to start the day. Tia and I went to Moulin Rouge and Sacre Couer in the afternoon-evening where we got caught in a HUGE rain storm! We had bought food for dinner but stopped to get a Nutella crepe, best money I spent in Paris!!! So that was the end of our second day and I really didnt feel much like I had spent a lot of time actually in Paris. Well that night, I saw a lot of weird things. It was super hot in our room when we got back so I changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Then I was leaning out the window well there is like a walkway to the other rooms right there. And some prettz drunk guys were in a room close bz. They were getting ready for bed and one came out in just a t-shirt and underwear... that was interesting cause he was trying to talk to me but he was brushing his teeth lol. Then another one came out fully dressed but I scared him and he ended up talking to me for a bit but going to be also. Finally, a guy with a long blonde pony tail came out brushing his teeth in just underwear!!!! He said hi and I was trying not to laugh while I said hi back. When I looked over, there was an Italian a couple rooms down laughing at my expression... lol. Anyway, that was a weird experience. When we got up, we checked out and went down stairs to find another Portlander. We talked to him for a bit and then headed to the Arce de Triumph. After that we went to the Louvre and saw the ever famous Mona Lisa and Aphrodite(Spelling?) Then we left and went to musee de Orsay. That was amazing!!! We saw so many incredible impressionist works of art. It was just amazing. After that, we wandered around for awhile and then headed for the train station. We had a night train bound for Milan that left at 8:30pm. We got on the train no big deal. The other two guys in our compartment were nice one was from Moroco and the other from Egypt. Well it just so happens that the Morocan took a fancy to me... creepy!!! At first he was being really funny and had all of us laughing but then he kept talking about kissing and asking me in french why I wasnt married. Then when we were going to bed he told me (in everyway possible in french) that he loved me!!!!! AHHHHH so creepy. Well he kinda got the clue I think that I wasnt interested cause he backed off in the morning time. And we went our seperate ways. We had some time to kill before our train to Spieze so we just kinda hung out at the Milan train station. Then we left for Switzerland and got to talking to a couple across from us that were from the US, LA! So they actuallz knew where Oregon was... lol. Anzwaz, we got off at Spieze and had to catch a train to Interlaken. We were trzing to figure out thier train system but we finallz got the hang of it. We went to see if we needed to buy tickets or if our Eurail pass covered it. Anyway at some point Tia put her bag down. And we left to go get on the train. Now I swear she had it with her when we left the ticket office and she set it down on the pavement but she sees it the other way. Anzwaz, we got on the train and she realized she didnt have it. So we got off at the first stop and headed back but we couldnt find it and no one had turned it in. We gave the station our information of where we are staying praying that something happens to where they find it. We checked just about an hour ago and nothing but Tia is also going to enter it as a missing item on the train website and maybe they will find it on the train we were on and we would have to go pick it up. We are trying to figure out what to do now. The American Embassy is in our next stop Bern so that is good. But for now, I am paying for everything and Switzerland food is not cheap and our hostel which is more like a hotel (prettz much like the hostel in the movie Hostel) doesnt have a guest kitchen so we have to eat out. Tia and I bought fresh strawberries, a rasberry tart each and two things of chocolate yougurt (which is not as good as it sounds!l lol) to tie us over until a later time. Anzwaz, it is just getting to the time here where we can call our parents and tell them of the situation and what we think we should do about it รถ. So we are going to figure it out. Please pray for us but dont worry too much. We will figure something out and it will be ok. Tia just has to decided wether to do something now or wait for her bag to show up. But it is going to be interesting none the less.
Love you all,
Miss mary

p.s wish I could write more but I will tell all the details of wonderful paris when I get back. Love and miss you all!!

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for anyone Mary called and Tia's bag has been returned--Praise the Lord

by lpyle55

Hi Sugar;
Now You know why you and Tia should have watched that movie before your trip! I hate to say I told you so, but, well, You get it.
Make sure you both spend som time yodeling. There should be a great echo effect up there in the alps.
I am shocked,Mary, that you didn't cover your eyes around those guys. Did you forget that " Boys are Bad "?
We love you both, see you soon.

by lpyle55

I cant believe we forgot to watch the movie!! We can watch it when we get back and tell you how accurate it is! lol
I almost bought some ricolla gum when we were there but thought it a little over the top. lol Unfortunately we didnt try yodelling but I did sing a lot of sound of music songs in our hostel room every morning when we woke up to see those amazing mountains.
I love you and cant wait to see you
Your little SB

by missmary88

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