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So there is a hotel really close to our hostel that allows us to use the internet here for free. It is a bit slow but we appreciate them letting us use it. Anyway, I am going to take the time and write a little. I am not sure how long it will be but for the sake of everyone, lets hope short! lol. Well yesterday was a pretty difficult day. We got into town and had to walk about 25 min back outside of town to find our hostel. When we finally got there we found out that check in was at 5pm so we had to leave our bags there and go touring. We were pretty starving considering we had had no breakfast that morning and it was approaching noon. So we walked back into town and found a cute little outside cafe to sit at and have some good pasta at. YUM YUM. Then we ventured down to the main piazza where the clock tower is. There is even a creepy little alley way close by that someone has decided is the offical tunnel. Everyone has written things on the walls like °we love Edward° and there is a sewer cover which has writing all over it too. Including °Volturi enter here° lol I thought that was funny. Well we didnt really know what else to do and we were sooo tired. So we decided to go up the very steep hill to the park and take a nap in the grass. Well we were laying there and my legs would not stop itching. So finally I sat up and looked at them... My left knee was totally red and most of my calf as well. I checked my other leg and it was slightly red on my calf as well. Then I examined closer and I had hives all over my knee and leg. I also had them on my other leg as well as both my forearms. So I kinda freaked out and I quickly went over to the drinking fountain and took my socks and shoes off and rinsed both my legs off. As well as my hands. Since it is sooo far away to the hostel, I was worried I wasnt going to get to my benadryl in time. So we walked down into town to one of the three farmacia (pharmacy)s. They were closed until four. We were both worried about my leg so we just sat down in the main piazza until 4 (about 45 min wait). It was so cute, this little old man came up and pointed at my knee and then blew on it!!! It was adorable. I think he thought I had a sun burn but in any case the gesture was so adorable. I thanked him in Italian cause I wasnt sure what language he spoke lol. There are actually a lot of tourists in Volterra. Anyway, my leg was looking pretty good so we walked to the pharmacy only to discover that it was closed (it was sunday). Well it did look a lot better and since it was close to check in time, we went and got some gelato and then walked back to the hostel. I took some benadryl when we got back but my leg was already pretty normal again. So I am pretty sure I am allergic to Italian grass. hahaha. I have had one other reaction to grass but it was when I was in grade school so I didnt really think I was allergic to anything special just one certain kind I guess. I have never been tested so maybe I should figure out what kind that was so I dont have to worry about that. Anyway, the benadryl made me sleppy and so we ate dinner got online and then went to bed. In the morning we woke up and had breakfast. We walked into town not really sure what we were going to do today cause we felt like we had seen most of the town when we saw a little sign for a train ride around all of Volterra. So we did it and it was kinda fun and it wasted about 30min or so. Then we went down to the clock tower so I could take pictures. I am using my memory cards in Tias other camera. Not nearly as good as my own but better than nothing. After awhile we walked over to the Duomo and sat there for a bit. We went and saw were the ruins of and ancient theatre are. That was pretty cool. Then we saw the Vitti Mansion which is supposedly where Edward and Bella escape the Volturi from. Which was pretty sweet cause the cellar part is all set up for it and they have a wall that everyone can write on. They even supply the pens!! We wrote on it and took pictures dont worry! Then we just kinda hung out in the piazza for awhile not really knowing what to do. Finally deciding to go look in a few shops here and there we walked in the direction of our hostel and stopped for gelato (Dont judge, if you were in Italy you would have gelato everyday too!!!). So we get back to our hostel and Tia falls asleep while I am reading. I swear sometimes we end up acting like an old married couple lol. Not really but you get what I mean. So we ate dinner and then came over here to use the internet and I have been reading while Tia did all her blogging and catching up and now it is my turn. YEAH! Anyway, that is all I have to say tonight.. oh I almost forgot. The boys... there were these four guys sitting in an outdoor cafe across from where we were sitting in the piazza. Well one of them kept looking at us and we werent really sure if he was looking at us or just in our direction to the clock tower or what so we just kinda dismissed it. Well we had to walk by them to go to the Information center to buy a map and when we did (I didnt see it cause I was on the other side) the guy who had been looking in our direction looked at Tia and gave her the nod!!! lol it was so funny cause she told me as we were walking away and I laughed and I think he might have heard but it was still funny. And then later, we saw these two guys who were both wearing cowboy boots and flipflops. The were pretty funny and they had their shirts off so it was kinda awkward but still funny to see cowboys wearing flipflops! lol people are people no matter where you are in the world.
Loves to all,

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HI, Mary,
Great blog, I just got it from Ron. So happy you are making UNORGETTABLE MEMORIES!!!
Just a little hard to read, paragraphs are our friends, lol.
Carry on, tata, Love Auntie.

by aunt kcole

It doesnt allow me to do paragraphs, I do them and this is how it turns out... sorry

by missmary88

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