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So we made it safely to Munich. We went on a night train that showed up an hour late. Which was ok with us cause we got to Munich an hour later as well, 7:30 instead of 6:30. lol. Please again forgive the z and y mix up. I am on a german keyboard and for some reason those two keys are always switched. Anyway, our first daz in Munich was GREAT!! We went on a free tour from the hostel and our guide was prettz good, he was funny and knew a lot of historical facts which we both love. Then we hung out with two Kiwis who I love! And we went souvenir shopping because everything is closed on Sundays as Munich is a VERY catholic city. Tomorrow is also a public holidaz so everzthing will be closed as well and we leave on Tuesdaz so we had to do everzthing zesterday. Anywaz, we met back up with our guide and three Aussies at a beer garden. Which Tia and I spilt a five sausage plate and The three of us girls each got one of the three "girl" beers. We tried all of them and then decided which ones we liked better and stuck with those. Two of the three had a lemon flavor added and the third had rasberry. I liked what thez call Radler. I dont like beer but it was ok. At least tollerable because when you are in Germanz and zou are not drinking people think zou are crazy!!! lol. Anzwaz we had a reallz good time just sitting and talking with everzone. Then this super drunk guz comes up and starts calling Ossie(our guide) Barak Obama because he is black. It was soooo funny and Ossie was a good sport and talked to him in German but the guy would not go away!!! He gave one of the Aussies a backrub and licked Ossie and tried to kiss the other two Aussies. He was soooo drunk. His name was Anaconda apparently. Anyway, it was so funny I guess you would have had to been there but it was seriously so funny. I almost peed my pants I was laughing sooo hard. Oh and he went around and shook all of our hands and when he got to Tia, he kissed her hand. That was not so funny cause up until that point he was only focused on the guys. Then we get outside and he is starting to unzip his pants towards another guy... note the guy was wearing a sheep costume with a sheep hat on due to his bachelors party so he tried to make the drunk guy stop and finally got him to zip up his pants!! Then the drunk guy grabbed the guy wearing the sheep costumes butt a few times. We were watching from afar grateful that he found someone else to bother but then he saw us and headed for us. He was coming straight for me but I walked behind one of the guys (who reminds me a lot of Kit, in looks) and he didnt bother me thank goodness! So we kept walking and went back to the hostel. Then when we got back Tia and I had to check in. We then met everyone else down at the bar in the hostel. We didnt want to get anything but we wanted to hang out so we let them all drink but while we were not paying attention Ossie bought us both drinks it was a cranberry something. It was ok but not spectacular. So we just ended up hanging out for the rest of the night and going to bed early. I was woken up at 7am when someone came in. It was the guy staying in our room and he seriously was just getting in that late! So we woke up and decided to go to Dachau which was the first concentration camp. I knew I was going to be emotional but nothing can prepare you for that. I would have cried so much more but we were on a tour and so I didnt really feel comfortable crying in front of a bunch of strangers even though I cried a little. It was the most horrible thing I have ever done. I felt so horrible inside when we walked through the gas chamber. I still sorta feel sick to my stomach right now. I got emotional at dinner when we were talking about it too. It is just one of those things that you have to experience. It was totally worth it and I am so glad that I did even though I had a really hard time. During the tour, we met a girl named Jen who has the same camera as Tia and let Tia charge her camera battery as Tia left her charger, extra battery, and plug converter in our hostel in Rome. So we ended up going to see the White Rose movement memorial this afternoon which is the whole reason I came to Munich. Unfortunately the school is closed on Sundays but I still got to see the outside memorial which was awesome. And it was really touching. Then we came back grabbed Jen and went for dinner and ended up hanging out in our room with a bunch of people forever and now I am finally getting online! lol. Tomorrow we are meetting Jen and going to Neuwanschtein castle which is the one that Walt Disney based Sleeping Beautys castle after. That should be good and then we are going to go to the famous Haughbrough house and Augastine Beer hall. We will probably do dinner at one and maybe a drink at another. We will see... And then on tuesday morning we fly home. We have a layover in Coppenhagen and then from there to Seattle and then another short lay over and then Seattle to Portland. We leave Coppenhagen and get to Seattle an hour later!! hahaha even though our flight is 10 hrs. Yikes! We are going to be sooo tired when we get back. I am going to try to sleep on the plane but I dont know how well that will work... lol.
Anyway, I am pretty sure this will be mz last entry unless I get on tomorrow cause something amazing happens. So just plan on talking to me when I get back!! I want to say thank you all for reading and keeping up. I seriously miss you all so much and cant wait to see you!!
All my love from overseas,
Miss Mary

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