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The Longest Day of My Life


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This trip started off ok but I only got 5 hours sleep the night prior to leaving so that is not too good. But we got to PDX way early and had no troubles, everthing went smoothly. Our flight to Chicago was really good, we had one of the best pilots I have ever flown with. We had some pretty bad turbulence landing though, which was a first for me ;)
Anyway, you might be asking why this day was sooo bad??? Well (sorry boys who are reading this) about 2 hours into my glorious flight, my favorite bra decided to go against me. The wire broke in two places and caused me GREAT pain all the way to London!!! So I was in pain and I was exhausted. Tia and I had decided not to sleep until our flight to Londong so when I tried dozing off she gently nudged me to wake me up. We made it to our gate change in enough time to snap a few pics and board. The flight was forever!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I got so restless. But it was awesome because we got a full dinner served and a light breakfast. We both tried to sleep but it didn't work out too well. Finally around 3 or so London time we got to sleep for like an hour. Then we landed around 7:45am in Londong Heathrow. First thing we did was exchange money and because of this, we were behind the rest of the flight. We made it through customs but the guy was a TOTAL BUTT HEAD!!! He was so rude. Anyway, we made our way to baggage claim and Tia found her bag. Mine however was nowhere to be seen! Of course I freaked out. But the guy (such a cute little old English man!!) said that someone probably took my bag by accident and to leave my contact info. So that TOTALLY sucked to be in a foreign country and not have ALL my possesions with me! Anyway, they said that if they got it they would deliver it to my hostel. So Tia and I left to go on the "tube" well we get 4 stops from our destination and the train stops.... ugh. One more obstacle in our way. So we decided to walk to the next station up and go on a different route. The other stop took us forever to find. When we did find it, we got on and the got off and switched lines again and then got off and then finally made it to our hostel with a little difficulty!! Anyway that is a very very short version of what happened! And we basically just walked around looking and doing a few things here and there. We went to two museums, the Cartoon Museum and the Winchester Arch museum which was awesome!!!! Anyway, we went to a movie and we both feel asleep off and on over the course of the movie so we came back here and was going to go to bed but decided to come online for a bit and I checked and my bag was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously almost cried I was sooo happy. I feel like all is well in the world again!!!

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I am glad you did not tell me when you called that your luggage was lost . I would have cried for you. I am glad everything is going OK Now. Have Fun I Love You both

by lpyle55

Wow first a bra then luggage what else can go wrong? Hopefully nothing. Your bad luck for the trip should be out of the way now :)Have fun!

by KitJohnson

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