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So yesterday morning Tia and I had planned to wake up at 9 for breakfast and then get ready afterwords and decided what to do. Well, at breakfast we met two Canadians, Josh and Veronica (but in french). They are from Ottawa, anyway, we got to talking and they are both in a really good choir and they work at a HUGE theatre where they are ushers. So I had a lot of things in common with them to start off with. Then we started talking about plays and brodway shows and it was amazing!!! YEAH!! Anyway, they invited us to go to Westminster Abbey and Hampton court with them. We gladly agreed and went to go get ready. When we came back, Kylie the Aussie, joined our little group and Heather, another Canadian from BC rather than Ottowa, shortly became numero 6. So we headed out towards the undergroud (which is totally insane by the way! It covers the entire city pretty much with about 10 different lines!!!!) Then we got on an actual train to Hampton and when we got there I almost peed my pants. The place was incredible!!! If you don't know, Hampton Court is where Henry VIII lived. I cannot even explain to you how incredible it was. If you have seen Pride and Prejudice, Darcy's house is as close as I can come to expressing the beauty of the gardens. And the house itself was just amazing. We got to see people dressed up as characters from that time including Henry himself!! There was a maze and just some incredible stuff. Pictures to come ( now that we found an awesome internet cafe with fast internet and usb ports!!! :) I should be posting some to facebook and here shortly!)
So then we headed back and while on the train, Josh convinced us all to go to see the broadway play '' Spring Awakening" best £20 spent yet!!! There was this like special code thing "Put me in the chair of rock" or " I am the guilty one" and you can get seats for really cheap!!! And get this... we were in the FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it was soooo intense. This one part, the lead role (who is pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself) was on his stomach and singing to the audience, he look dead straight into Tia's eyes and like locked eyes with her for like a minute!!! I was pretty jealous, ok, I still am!! lol. He reminded me a lot of a guy from school brian but I don't think brian is attractive, just his mannerisms where like him. He looked like Elijah Wood a little bit. Anyway, the play was incredible. I doubt anyone reading this blog would appreciate it though... quite a bit of cursing and a little nudity and some very adult themes. But it was soo amazing and I love theatre no matter the content. I figure I am an adult, I can handle that stuff and be mature about it. But seriously even with all that it was one of the greatest shows I have seen. So afterwords, Josh had to leave to go back to the hostel cause he was leaving for Paris this morning at like 4:30 or something. Then it was all of us girls and we went and hung out and it was great. Didn't get back to the hostel until like 12:30 so I was pretty tired but it was such an amazing day. I am really glad we met the other guys.
Then this morning, Tia and I went to breakfast and decided we should go buy our tickets for Romeo and Juliet which we were going to see with Vero tonight BUT when we got there, there was only a 2pm showing of it and the other night play was something else. So we just bought our tickets for Sunday night instead. Which will be our last night in London so that will be awesome to get to finish off with that. After getting our tickets, we had passed Tate Modern on the way in, so we decided to go there. All the museums in London are free admisions expect for a few, which is nice and then our pass gets us extra stuff, like we got the audio guides for free. :) It was incredible, I got to see Claude Monet's Water Lilleys LIVE!!!!!!! Like the actual painting, not just the pictures or the postcards with it on!! I loved it. There were however those few art peices that you question whether it is even art and who is the one to decide. Tia and I had a good discussion on that topic as we passed things such as thick rope laying around on the floor... and burlap sacks, and some other stupid things that I could have put in there and been famous for. So that made me a little bit upset. But it was really neat to see painters that I knew and recognize peices I studied before! yeah!
So then we weren't really sure what we were going to do with the rest of our day and we settled on Tower of London which was a bit of a walk so we headed off trying to find food along the way ;) It was getting close to the closing time when we came upon the Royal National Theatre. Which in our pass says we get a relly cool tour for free. So we went in to check it out and the next tour was at 5:30 (an hour and a half away) so we went for it, one of our best decisions. The tour was amazing!!!! We were the only two on it so it was extremly personal. And we got to go back stage and see where they make the sets (which are gynormous!!!!!) We also got to go on the set!!!!!!! And see two directors and a bunch of the actors warming up. So I was pretty much in heaven tehe. Then we came back to the hostel and stopped at a Tesco express which is a really really cheap grocery store (actually the only kind of grocery store I have seen). They are about the size of most 7-11's but all groceries and the one by the hostel is 24 hrs. not sure if all of them are though? So we bought food and came back to cook it and chill.
After dinner I convinced Tia to come with me to try to find a phone to call home (which didn't end up working, sadly) and then we walked around and found this internet cafe which is open till 11pm and they charge the same exact as the hostel! Which is semi expensive but the internet at the hostel is SOOOOOOOOO SLOW!!!!! And you can't get to the usb ports so that just plain sucks cause I can't upload my pics! :( But we will be coming back here I am sure! So we can upload at least some of our pics. Sorry that is a lot but so much has happened and I still don't really feel like we are in London. It started to hit me today when we were walking along the peir and saw Big Ben across the river (our first sighting of it). So it is goodbye for now but not forever ;)


P.s Mom I am dissappointed in you, you didn't write back to my e-mail but you wrote back to my blog! I personally wrote you an e-mail and the blog is for everyone and then you just reply to the big one? Thanks! lol jk but I really was surprised that you didn't write me back! Don't worry, I still love you and we are being safe! I PROMISE! ;)

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I sent the email to everyone to let them know you are blogging,I am sorry I did not email you back but you can bet your booties I will email you as soon as I get off here.It was great hearing your voice today,I Love You both take care of each other
Love Mom

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