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So we have 8 days until we leave on a plane bound for Europe. There are a few last minute things I need to get but pretty much I am all set. I have three finals to get through and a choir concert thing and I will be on my way. The hard part is moving everything out of my dorm and then unpacking just to repack for Europe. I am not looking forward to that part of it. lol.
I talked to Tia today and we decided that we are going to have a movie marathon the night before we go. It will include: Winning London, Passport to Paris, and When in Rome... if you have seen any of them, they are all Mary-Kate and Ashley films but they all take place in the cities we are visiting so we are going to watch them and then actually be there the next day! It is going to be incredible.
The only bad thing that might crop up is the outbreak of swine flu. It is so far not in the region where we are going so that is good but it spreads fast and it could be anywhere by time we get there. My mom got some stuff for us to take and everyone keeps telling me to take airbourne every day but that can get expensive. I have been taking a vitamin C pill everyday and so I am hoping that will boost my immune system to keep the flu off me. But it still is a worry as we get ready to leave.
Hoping you all the best,

P.s my next post will probably be the night before or my first day in London. Please also remember that just because I don't post everyday does not mean that I am dead! lol jk but really, I don't know how much I will be able to post so just be patient and enjoy what I do post. Thank you all ;)

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the silent killer... lol

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TWO WEEKS EXACTLY!!!! We are so close. I feel like we, at least I have so much left to do before we leave on this grand tour. I need a few more things before we go but mostly I am ready. We have all of our hostels booked and ready for us. The excitement is building. It is sooo intense. Tia and I just look at each other and start freaking out cause its so close. All our hard work and planning is going to be payed off shortly.
The other day I was watching a movie (can't remember which one) but they showed London. And I freaked out cause I was like 15 days and I will be there!!! It just seems so surreal to actually be going. I think I have mentioned before but it has been about a year and a half since we started planning this whole thing. That's quite a long time to work up to something and finally have it happen. I have been saving every penny possible for this trip, working extra hours here and there. Trying to get the cheapest of what I need at the present time. I just hope everything will be as great as we imagine.
I have decided against taking my laptop, mostly due to weight and security. There are internet cafe's that we can go to and use even though thats an added expense we didn't really plan into things but oh well. A few of the hostels have free internet which will be nice. I have read that a few places have different keyboards than here... that should be interesting to try and figure out hahaha. Also, I guess some computers don't always have the right adapters for camera's so that could be problematic. Although my brother in-law told me to go get a SD card reader. That way we can just plug the SD card straight into the USB port. He said there pretty cheap and light weight. I am thinking about doing that cause that would be one less cord I would need to take :P
Anyway, I just wanted to try and express my excitement for the coming two weeks. I have so much to do (school wise) so I am hoping it will help to take my mind off of it but I doubt it... lol
Until next time,

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So a few weekends ago, my mom and I went shopping. We went to REI and she asked me what I needed and I got a foldable plate/bowl/cup/spoon combo, campsuds (for washing clothes and dishes), a spork with an added knife, and a double sided packing cube. She gave them to me for Easter :)
Then we went around trying to find an easter dress which was going to double as a dress to take to Europe with me. So we found one that is really cute. I love it. And I found a super cute jacket to take with it as well.
Last week, Tia and I ordered our London and Paris passes. Tia ordered her's a few days before me and so she payed to have her London pass shipped here. I said for both my passes to be picked up so I don't get mine until we get there. So Tia got her's in the mail and we were drooling over it. Basically there are something like over 60 attractions that we can get into with the pass in both places. And the Paris one we added a trip to versaile onto it. Ugh just talking about it is making me soooo antsy! Today marks 19 days left. So we are getting really close, just a little over two weeks. I have a lot of school work to get done in that time and so that may help distract me. lol. But it also makes it really hard to concentrate on the school work while thinking about glorious Europe :)
Anyway, we really only have a few things left to do (making reservations is one) before we go!!!! I seriously do not think I can wait any longer for this trip!!!!
~Miss Mary

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And the excitement builds

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Hey everyone out there in cyberspace, just wanted to put in a little entry. We are now down to 30 days!!!!! I cannot believe it. We are deciding on Hostels and buying all of our last minute stuff. My main focus is attempting to finish school but I don't know how that is going to work out... I am sooo excited. Tia and I were talking tonight and we seriously cannot wait any longer. She has found some awesome deals so that makes us want to go that much more!!!
Anyway, I said this entry would be short so there you go.
More later,

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Getting Down to the Wire

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We officially have 52 days until take off. I cannot even believe this. My mind cannot stop thinking about Europe. It is horrible because I have so much schooling in between now and then :(
Anyway, I really just wanted to check in and mention that I have not died; which is good. But really, I figured I should post something because it has been about a month since my last entry.
Tia and I were talking and I am pretty sure we are going to make reservations at all of our destinations. That way we are getting the best price and location. And we will not have to go tromping around finding a hostel to stay at. We will have printed directions off so we will know where we are going and everything. I think it will make our trip way less stressful. But basically that is all for right now. We are going to get together and meet after spring break ( in 2 weeks).
I am working on my languages but not having much luck because I am super busy with choir and school :( Hopefully I will get at least the basics mastered in time for the trip... lol. And I will take along my little pocket sized book!!

More later!!! We are getting SoOoOo close!

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