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Firstly, some bad news... Tia's computer crashed and we lost everything that was updated. I have some of the older rough drafts of the plans and what not so we are not completly shut out. Still, it was a sad set back for us. So she came over last night and we were going to talk about plans and just everything in general. It made her sad to realize how much work she had done since the last time she sent me the plans. But I guess we can only go up from here!
Anyway, we got to talking and we both agree that we think we need to make reservations for at least the first stop of our journey. I think it will be a whole heck of a lot easier if we do so. This is where our search for the perfect hostel began. We both have hosteling international membership cards so we started there. The prices were not too bad but we checked around on a few other websites. I think we found a pretty good place that we both like and the feed back was all really great. So London, I believe, is set in stone for which hostel we will be staying in.
I decided to explore a little further and look at Paris since it will be our next destination. We were stunned by how expensive they were. The cheapest we found was 18 british pounds and the most expensive was 87 british pounds!!! I find that to be a bit outrageous. It should not be a hostel at all, it should be a hotel!!! The cheapest in London was 13bp and I am pretty sure that the most expensive was only 27bp. that is a pretty large difference. It just made me wonder if we are planning on taking enough money. And I am going to be short that money anyway so I am already worried about it... ugh. There is just so much that goes into planning one of these trips. I don't want it to go terribly wrong and I know Tia doesn't either obviously. We just want to have a safe and fun adventure!!! I suppose we will see what happends as we go along!!

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Hello out there,
I have decided to start this blog now, way in advance, so that I can get used to blogging. I am very excited to say that I am taking a trip around the world to Europe. I am going on this adventure with a very good friend of mine, Tia. We have been in the process of planning this trip for a year and a half. So you can imagine my excitment that we are down to 120 days. I have traveled out of the US before but it was only to Canada and then later to Mexico. Those were very short trips compared to this. We are leaving for an entire month. I am doing everything in my power to stay connected with family and friends and this is one way.
I am going to try to keep this updated starting now so I can enjoy the process when I look back at this after my trip. I know it sounds a little bit crazy to start blogging so early but I am a horrible blogger and you will soon find out that I may only post a few times after this initial one. Even though my intentions are pure, I may falter to blog about all the remaining planning we have to do.
So let me take you up to speed:
1. We have finally bought our tickets. If you are looking for a great deal, you should consider using vayama.com we were so excited to see such a low price compared to all the other online sites. We got insurance with the deal and it was still lower than anything we have seen on the web. And believe me, we have looked on every site out there and we have been looking for about six months!!!
2. So now that we have tickets in hand, I decided that it was time I acutally got my backpack. So I went to REI and looked around. I thought I knew what I wanted but that all changed when I talked to an employee. He helped me get fitted and told me what size I needed and all that jazz. I wasn't going to settle on anything just yet though. I decided to shop around a bit. So today we went shopping and I was looking at bags. I ended up choosing one that was bigger than my original plan but it was cheaper. It was only a hundred dollars and it was an 82 litre bag. Which is an incredible deal. So then after some thinking, I bought it. Well to my surprise, the bag was on sale and I got it for sixty dollars!!!! I could hardly believe it.
3. We have our itinerary set for the most part. We know where we are going to be on which days and so forth. The general idea of having everything planned out is nausiating(sp?) to us. We know where and how we are getting to each place but what we do there is a mystery. It will remain a mystery until we are actually there. This has been talked about a lot and it is what we both want. I mean we have ideas of what we want to see and experience but we want to be as open as we can be. There are a lot of things you can learn when you are open to new things.

So, you can see that I already have a lot to talk about but for now, I think this is plenty. It will be an interesting few months up to the big day. And I will try my hardest to keep my promise of writing frequently. But I will only write about things relating to my Europe trip so it might not be too exciting... Altough Tia and I are going to have a meeting soon about planning and what not. So there might be an update sooner than later! :)

Love and Prayers,
Miss Mary

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